Awesome – Bearded Guy – Adult Face Masks


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Awesome – Bearded Guy – Adult Face Masks
Awesome - Bearded Guy - Adult Face Masks  is a great way to be fashionable and yet reduce droplet spray from speech, sneezes, or coughs. The material is super soft and is really comfortable and can be used multiple times.


.: 1 mask for €10.00 (Size for Adults)

.: Washable and Breathable, Face Protection

.: Single layer

.: Hand Wash and reusable Material: 70 % polyester 30 % nylon microfiber (The use of fabric softener is not recommended for this fabric)

.: You can wash the masks by hand or by washing machine in delicate washing cycles with a maximum temperature of  60° C and putting it inside a protective cover.


Use. Wash. Reuse. Reduce. #Beawesomesafety


Note: Masks are not medical grade face masks.


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